Franchisee Testimonials

Franchisee Testimonials

We love hearing from our franchisees! At Antioch Pizza, we take pride in supporting our franchise owners throughout the life of their business. Our franchising team goes above and beyond to not only prepare our franchisees for success, but to support them throughout their journeys and ensure they’re in the best positions to establish their restaurants as essential parts of their communities.

“You don’t have to have any experience in the restaurant business, they teach you everything you need to know.”

- Don and Kristi, Antioch Pizza Shop Multi-Unit Owners

“We got a proven system going into a franchise, not only the assistance that you’ll get from Art, but also the assistance from the other locations and the knowledge that they have.”

- John and Chandra, Antioch Pizza Shop Franchise Owners

“My experience as an owner has been nothing short of fantastic. Being new to the business world, it can seem impossible to become a franchisee. However, from Day One I’ve had all the support I need and then some.”

- Dylan Hernandez, Antioch Pizza Shop Owner