The restaurant industry is one of the driving sectors in franchising and it is what most people think of when it comes to owning a franchise. With so many options to choose from, why would an Italian restaurant franchise be your top choice? Maybe because it is also the top choice of many consumers!

A 2016 study by, updated in 2023 and referenced in Forbes, found Italian cuisine to be the most popular cuisine worldwide. Italian ranked ahead of Japanese, Indian, Korean, and Mexican choices.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the same study also found that pizza was most often the meal of choice. The customization of pizza, both in ingredients and accessibility, appeals to a diverse audience around the world.

Food Franchises Lead the Way

A 2023 Food Franchise Industry report issued by Franchise Direct detailed that food franchises account for an estimated 30% of the total franchise establishments in the U.S. Pizza was among the key sectors of all food franchises, and Italian cuisine, in general, has remained popular across generations of Americans.

Statista found that 61% of people eat Italian food once a month and that Italian food leads the list of ethnic cuisines enjoyed in the U.S. This is good news for the Italian food industry overall and for Antioch Pizza Shop, an Italian restaurant franchise.

Italian Restaurant Industry Analysis

Dataseential’s 2022 report showed that Italian cuisine was the third-favorite choice of millennials. When asked what they would choose if they could only eat one type of cuisine for the rest of their lives, the same report noted 47% of baby boomers chose Italian. For Generation Z, 26% chose Italian, but the same demographic (70%) indicated that pizza and pasta are at the top of their global food list.

IBIS World also had supporting statistics. The Italian restaurant industry in the U.S. has a market size of $74 billion with nearly 74,000 businesses employing 1.3 million people. There is a growth rate in the market of 1.5%. But restaurants don’t have to be dedicated to serving Italian-only cuisine. In addition, tastewise noted that nearly 41% of restaurants offer Italian on their menus even though they are not dedicated Italian eateries.

Interestingly, Italian is a great choice for those with vegan diets which moves it into a growing demographic. Today, Plant Proteins Co. notes that 6% of U.S. consumers say they are vegan, an increase of 500% since 2014. A plant-based diet is something that many in the restaurant and fast-food industry are looking to accommodate.

And Of Course, Pizza!

IBISWorld notes that the market size of the pizza restaurant industry is $65 billion. Just on pizza! The same research showed there are more than 100,000 businesses in the industry. IBISWorld says the demand for pizza is “somewhat evergreen” because of its taste, affordability, and widespread availability. The pizza industry is one that is not expected to slow, and delivery remains a key component of the business.

Antioch Pizza Shop: An Italian Food Franchise

Antioch Pizza Shop is an Italian restaurant franchise that came on the scene in 2016. We may be new compared to some of the fast-food pizza chains you know, but our authentic menu sets us apart.

The Pizza Menu

We serve a variety of pizza options with thin, double-decker, pan, and stuffed crusts. We also serve gluten-free pizza, stromboli, and have frozen pizzas. For fun, we serve message pizzas where you can ask someone to marry you, honor your coach or say “Happy Birthday” with pizza. We also hear lots of love for our heart-shaped pizzas that work for any kind of day (and sell out on Valentine’s Day!)

More Italian Goodness

For pasta, we carry mostaccioli and chicken parmigiana (and we make it better than anyone!) Our dessert menu features cannoli and you’ll find garlic bread on the appetizer list. Italian beef, sausage, and meatball sandwiches are also on the menu along with an Italian salad.

Some American Favorites

Our pizza shop was born in Chicago so we couldn’t offer a franchise without some American favorites. That part of our menu includes wings, bacon cheese fries, jalapeno poppers, and a whole dessert option that includes customized sundaes.

We bring some good Italian-inspired, Chicago-born, American-awesome goodness to every customer!

Explore the Antioch Pizza Shop Franchise 

This Italian restaurant franchise was started by two high school sweethearts who left their jobs in engineering and education to open a pizza shop. Community is at the core of everything they do; there’s nothing like pursuing an entrepreneurial dream and giving back to the place you live.

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