When you’re thinking about owning a pizza franchise, it’s not surprising that a top brand like a Domino’s Pizza franchise would come to mind. However, there’s more to the pizza industry than one name, and you might be surprised what an emerging franchise like Antioch Pizza Shop can bring to the table.

About the Dominos’s Pizza Franchise 

Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza company in the world, and it might seem like becoming a Domino’s Pizza franchise owner is an obvious choice. The company has average unit sales of $1.2 million, according to Sharpsheets, so Domino’s Pizza franchise profit is likely solid. Also according to Sharpsheets, the Domino’s Pizza franchise cost is not outrageous either with a midpoint investment of around $400,000 and the Domino’s Pizza franchise fee is only $10,000.

However, there are other requirements to open a Domino’s Pizza franchise that are less enticing and the biggest one is that Domino’s Pizza is only open to internal candidates. What that means is that you must have worked for another Domino’s Pizza franchise as a manager or supervisor for at least a year before you can apply to have your own Domino’s Pizza store.

Emerging Franchises Benefits

The good news about owning a pizza franchise is that in 2022, the pizza restaurant industry recorded $65.2 billion in revenue, and the market size increased by 6.2% that same year, according to IBISWorld. This means the overall industry is profitable and there are options such as working with an emerging brand like Antioch Pizza Shop.

The International Franchise Professionals Group defines an emerging franchise as having less than 50 units, and only 16% of U.S. franchises have more than 100 units, according to the International Franchise Association. Emerging franchises are the majority of franchise opportunities.


Benefits of Working with an Emerging Franchise

The big-picture benefit of an emerging franchise is the personal touch. Having a smaller franchise network means more one-on-one time and more access to the franchise team. When you’re starting, having that kind of access is critical to being able to build a solid foundation.

Other benefits of working with an emerging brand include:

  • Greater growth opportunities: Being part of an emerging franchise offers the chance to grow with the brand, benefiting from its expanding recognition and market presence.
  • Increased influence: Franchisees often have more opportunities to provide input and influence the brand’s development, shaping services and operations in ways that might not be possible with established franchises.
  • Territory options: Early franchisees typically have access to a wider selection of territories, allowing for strategic location choices and potentially less competition within chosen markets.

Regardless of what brand is on the sign, you still have to do the work of running a business. The brand alone will not make you a success, and when you can pair your ambition with a personal franchise relationship, you have a winning combination.


Explore Antioch Pizza Shop

When the owners of Antioch Pizza Shop decided to franchise, it was because they wanted other aspiring entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to own a truly impactful business. When you invest in an Antioch Pizza Shop franchise, you’re going to work with the very people who had that dream – the owners, Art and Karen Wicklein. They know what it’s like to be starting a business because they did it themselves, and they’re committed to being with you every step of the way.

One thing we realized early on at Antioch is that small businesses make big contributions to their communities. Whether you choose a dine-in, takeout, express, or food truck option with Antioch, you’ll feel the impact you’re making in the community. Antioch is an Italian pizza franchise you’ll be proud to own.


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