Want to own a Lou Malnati’s ® franchise? Unfortunately, you can’t but Antioch Pizza franchise is the perfect alternative for a Chicago-style pizza franchise. Learn why.

Why Lou Malnati’s® is Off the Table

There’s pizza and there’s Chicago-style pizza. Known for its thick, buttery crust, abundant cheese layer, chunky tomato sauce, and a plethora of toppings, this style of pizza is a mouthwatering stand out and pizza lovers’ favorite.

If you dream of owning your own Chicago pizza franchise, you might have considered Lou Malnati’s ® as a potential opportunity. However, Lou Malnati’s ® is not an option for making your dreams of owning a pizza shop a reality. Why? Because Lou Malnati’s ® does not franchise.

The well-known Chicago-based pizza chain was acquired in 2021 by a San Francisco-based private investment firm, the hedge fund Meritage Group, according to the Chicago Tribune. The firm has acquired an undisclosed number of shares for an undivulged price, but some of the Malnati family remain the largest individual shareholders.

A restaurant can sell interest to private investment groups to garner resources and guidance to help the business grow. According to the Tribune, this was the hope of Lou Malnati’s ® owners, Marc Malnati and his brother, Rick. Meritage’s investment can potentially create new opportunities for Lou Malnati’s ® to expand its presence and enhance its offerings. While this may be good news for the pizza brand, it is not currently an opportunity for those wanting to own a Lou Malnati’s ® franchise. But worry not! There’s an exciting alternative.

Antioch Pizza: Now Serving

Lou Malnati’s ® doesn’t franchise. But the growing Italian restaurant franchise Antioch Pizza does. And in the world of crusty cheesy deliciousness that is Chicago-style pizza, Antioch Pizza has a lot to offer.

  1. Authenticity: Antioch Pizza is committed to serving authentic Chicago-style pizza using the finest ingredients, traditional recipes, made fresh daily. Antioch’s mastered the art of deep-dish pizza, becoming rooted in Chicago’s pizza culture.
  2. Strong Brand Identity: A key benefit of owning a franchise is the strength of the brand identity. Since 1977, Antioch Pizza has been serving satisfied customers, building a reputation for authentic Chicago-style pizza, and becoming an attractive proposition for potential franchisees looking for a slice of the pizza industry.
  3. Comprehensive Support and Training: Antioch Pizza provides support and training to all franchisees, helping with operations and marketing, and equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful pizza franchise. Additionally, Antioch’s ongoing support ensures you’ll always have a helping hand whenever you need it. From site selection to menu development and beyond, Antioch Pizza is committed to giving franchisees the opportunity to succeed.
  4. Room to Grow: Antioch Pizza has been franchising since 2016 and has opportunities for you to own a pizza shop in the Midwestern region. You’ll tap into new markets, bringing Antioch Pizza to more hungry pizza lovers.
  5. A Thriving Community: Antioch Pizza has built a strong sense of community wherever the brand plants roots. Franchisees join a successful business model and become part of a larger franchise family in a collaborative environment, sharing ideas and experiences, helping communities thrive.

Franchise with Antioch Pizza

At Antioch Pizza, our vision is to make everyone a regular and our mission is to feed people goodness. We want to make an impact on the communities we serve by supporting the organizations that make them unique. As part of the Antioch family, your success is our priority. You’ll be trained by pizza industry experts, supported with site-selection, on-site training, operations, and marketing. Our flexible and affordable business model offers multiple revenue streams in a thriving industry.

Are you ready to bring Antioch Pizza to your community and make your dreams of owning a Chicago pizza franchise a piping hot reality? Submit a franchise form today.

* Lou Malnati’s ® is a registered trademark of the Malnati Organization, LLC.

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