So, you’re interested in getting into the food and beverage industry? It can be a really profitable venture if you know what you’re doing and what’s popular. And few dishes are as popular as pizza. One of the most popular types of quick-service restaurant foods in the U.S. According to market and consumer data firm Statista the market reached $40.7 billion by 2022. With a strong market and good potential for further growth for those who can thrive in a competitive industry, opening a pizza shop may be the right choice for you.

Making the Dough with a Pizza Business

When considering whether a pizza business is a good investment, one of the first questions, naturally, is how profitable it can be. According to payment processing company BNG Payments, as of 2021 the industry standard is a profit margin of 15% for a pizza shop. However, keep in mind this includes shops that are part of larger chains and franchises, like Antioch Pizza. Point-of-sale (POS) system company HungerRush said as of 2022, a small independent pizza shop tends to have an average profit margin of around 3%-7%.

If you’re wondering what a profit margin is, it’s the percentage of a business’s total revenue left over after paying the expenses. To calculate a profit margin, take the pizza business’s total revenue – say for the last year or fiscal quarter – then subtract the total business expenses, such as the cost of ingredients, employee pay, taxes, license fees, rent, and other costs. The remainder you get is your net profit. Multiply your net profit by 100, then divide it by the total revenue and the result is your profit margin percentage.

Pizzerias, at least those with franchise/chain support, have a good profit margin for several reasons. Their main dish is one of the most popular in the U.S. They also have a very adaptable business model, capable of serving customers on-site as well as through takeout and delivery. Startup costs for a pizzeria tend to vary greatly. Restaurant management software company Toast said in 2023 the initial investment range was around $95,000 to over $2 million.  Antioch Pizza’s startup costs begin at around $218,000, making it a competitive, growing franchise in the industry.

Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Making a pizza business a good investment is about more than just money, however. It takes dedication and passion for the business and the product. Antioch Pizza’s vision and mission – to make everyone a regular by feeding people goodness – embodies this passion and dedication to creating both a great meal and a great dining experience for our customers. With your passion and following our proven business model, you can ensure the quality of your pizza and your customers’ experience with you, encouraging them to come back for more.

Pizzerias are also very flexible and adaptable with their business models. While pizza is the staple dish of the business, additional items can be added to the menu to give customers a wide variety of options. Antioch not only offers our signature pizzas, but also stromboli, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and more, giving our franchisees multiple revenue streams.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, restaurants that can adapt are the ones best able to survive. Delivery and take-out services are vital to a modern restaurant’s survival, and pizzerias have long been experts at providing customers with these options. Antioch Pizza’s business model includes both delivery and take-out services, as well as online ordering, allowing you to serve your customers whatever their pizza ordering preferences may be.

Finally, a pizza business is a good investment not only for you, but for your community as well. A small local business can give back to its community, making it an important part of that community that locals will want to support in return. Giving back locally is a core part of our mission. As of 2023, Antioch Pizza restaurants participate in over 250 community fundraisers a year, help over 700 local organizations a year, and raise over $50,000 a year in donations to local charities.

Start Your Own Success Story with Antioch Pizza

We’re eager to offer you the opportunity to start your own pizza franchise. Starting a business on your own means you have to handle all the responsibilities and all the administrative duties, on top of serving your customers. Joining our franchise, you’ll have our support, receive training from industry experts, benefit from site selection guidance as well as design and equipment guidelines, and more. Our franchise follows the example of our founders, Art and Karen Wicklein, to create a business that’s both successful and supportive of local communities. Submit a short franchise form today to find out more about your franchising opportunity with Antioch Pizza.


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